Business Process Management optimizes the results of the organization's process improvement initiatives, allows you to have detailed guidance and a high-level overview that prepares you to lead your team through business process excellence through a better understanding of customer needs, process requirements and measures of success and failure.

This effort leads to better process performance results and greater commitment to process improvement activities. Each main component includes an exercise. Knowing where to start any improvement effort in your company is vital to direct resources well in terms of time, finances and the personnel involved.

At the end of this workshop, you will have a comprehensive development plan that optimizes your business improvement initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma and others.

  • Learn a working definition of process management methodology and how it links to other methodologies (Lean, Six Sigma, ISO 9001).
  • Understand the 5 phases of business process management.
  • Identify the main stakeholders in business process management.
  • Develop a detailed knowledge of the process that needs to be measured.
  • Develop measurements that link you to your customer.
  • Identify errors within the process.
  • Develop key factors of customer satisfaction.
  • Develop an impact analysis of the improvement in relation to stakeholders, process owners and participants.
  • Develop a portfolio of improvement projects.

Business processes pass transversally through all levels of an organization. Therefore, this workshop is aimed at anyone who is a process owner or who is a leader of a process improvement team in any market or industry.

  • Why is it important to deliver business process performance improvements for your process?
  • What is the process management methodology and how to link it to other business process excellence methodologies?
  • The process management phases:
    • Define.
    • Measure.
    • Analyze.
    • Manage.
    • Check.
  • Selection of a business process for a pilot.


Participants will have access to the PXS online platform where they can download templates, submit assignments and obtain their grade in order to improve the learning process.


They must work in decision-making positions or that support improvement projects in the company, both in services and manufacturing.


Can this course be taught in person?

Yes, we can teach this course at your company facilities in person, you can contact us at:

How many sessions can I miss?

Due to the length of the course, it is advisable not to miss any session. 

What programs should I have installed?

  • MS Teams for virtual classes
  • PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat or PDF Expert)


The implementation of Continuous Improvement projects and the implementation of Information Technology projects have the same objectives of increasing efficiencies, increasing quality, reducing waste, etc. 


We countwith an online learning system