This program is a path in which the student obtains knowledge to implement Lean tools in their organization, carrying out a training process, analysis of readings from different experts on the subject and culminating with the certification exam that will support them at the international level. all from the hand of PXS that will help you with the pertinent procedures so that you can achieve the objectives that the participant wants to achieve. To achieve Lean Certification, it is necessary to meet a series of training, practice and demonstration of knowledge requirements: 

  • TRAINING: Receive at least 80 hours of training in Lean tools 
  • PRACTICE: Develop and present 3 tactical improvement projects using Lean tools  
  • KNOWLEDGE: Pass a Certification exam. 
  • DEMONSTRATION: Submit a report that the requirements described above have been met. 

It is proposed to achieve certification through 4 stages:

The Lean workshops seek the understanding and execution of Lean tools both in the Manufacturing area and in the Services area, this in order to solve the specific needs of each student taking into account the field of action of the company where they work, Let's first look at the “Lean Toolbox for Services” workshop (if you are more oriented to the manufacturing area, we invite you to go to the next page):





In services, Lean must begin with the alignment of the major business processes to the strategy and then, only then, touch on the particular use of each of the Lean tools in the office context.  

This course is aimed at quality department managers, continuous improvement managers, BPM managers, engineers and process analysts, quality and customer service managers, operations managers, operators, and any interested person who belongs to the services area. . 

This course focuses on the concepts of value and waste. The central axis is the search and elimination of “dumb” waste and the creation of visual management elements in the operation. The material is in Spanish. 

  1. Introduction to Lean Thinking.
  2. Introduction, Gemba Walks.
  3. VSM 1. 
  4. Kaizen with A3 (PDCA Project)
  5. Visual Administration. 5S.
  6. Visual Administration. Office standards.
  7. Visual Administration. Personal work standards.
  8. PDCA Project Presentation.

This workshop lasts 40 hours divided into weekly sessions of 4 hours each. 





Lean Enterprise practices a system of methods that emphasize the identification and elimination of non-value-adding activities – waste – from the organization's operation and support services. Lean organizations are efficient, flexible, and highly responsive to customer needs. This course focuses on the concepts of value and waste. The central axis is the search and elimination of “mudas” (waste) and the creation of visual administration elements in the operation, these are the topics we will see: 

  1. Introduction to Lean Thinking.
  2. Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  3. Kaizen (Project A3). 
  4. 5 Esses.
  5. SMED.
  6. Poka Joke.
  7. Visual Management.
  8. Project presentation.

This course is aimed at people in charge of quality departments, those responsible for continuous improvement, process engineers and analysts, quality managers, Value Stream Map managers, Lean Manufacturing managers and managers, line managers, line leaders, production engineers. Manufacturing, plant operators. The material is in Spanish. 

At the end of the course, participants will have the basic knowledge to improve processes and flows of manufacturing companies and eliminate waste in their workstation by applying Lean concepts. 

This workshop lasts 40 hours divided into weekly sessions of 4 hours each. 



Society for Manufacturing Engineers (SME), together with the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence and the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, have developed a standard for Lean practices and Continuous Improvement. This standard for people development is called Lean Certification. 

Lean certification is developed in 3 certification levels (bronze, silver, gold), which mix knowledge with experience to develop strengths in Lean. Lean Bronze certification is the first level, earned by professionals who demonstrate a solid understanding of the basic tools and principles of Lean, as well as the ability to tactically implement them within the organization. 

 Tactical operation improvement must be demonstrated through measurable results. PXS is the official representative (International Reseller) for Central America of Lean Certification. 

The objective is to prepare participants for the Bronze level Lean certification exam. of the SME. It is aimed at any position that can implement lean tools, normally they are positions that are in charge of a department or whose role within the organization is to improve the performance of different processes. 

  • Cultural Enablers 
  • Consistent Lean Cultural 
  • Continuous Process Improvement 
  • Business Results 

This preparation course includes the following Materials in the English language (they are already included in the degree and you do not have to pay for them): 

Gemba Kaizen: A Commonsense Approach to a Continuous Improvement Second Edition. 
Lean Production Simplified: A Plain Language Guide to the World's Most Powerful Production System. 
Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation. 
Learning to See: Value Stream Mapping to Create Value and Eliminate MUDA 

Material developed by PXS/SME. 

It consists of multiple choice questions that measure understanding of the body of knowledge (BoK). The 170-question exam lasts 3 hours. The exam must be taken in English. To obtain Bronze level Lean certification, a report must be submitted that demonstrates:  

1) At least 80 hours of training and education in Lean tools 
2) Have developed at least 3 tactical projects in Lean 
3) Pass the Lean certification exam. 
4) An essay that demonstrates your journey in Lean and the lessons learned along this path.  

The price of the exam is included in the race, PXS will accompany you in the procedures so that you can take the test.  

PXS developed an online platform so that students can have support material and complete the assignments that the instructor notifies in each class, and they can also send the progress of the project. The username, password and instructions for use will be delivered when this stage begins. 

PXS will help you in the development of your Lean Certification portfolio, this stage is divided into the following steps: 

1) The collection of Lean training information. 
2) Writing the presentation report of the 3 Tactical projects. 
3) Development of the reflection essay on walking in Lean. 

Instructors: During this career you will be able to learn from two great specialists in the Lean subject, with experience in multinational companies and hundreds of improvement projects, in order to help you and prepare you in the best way: 


This course lasts 80 hours, divided into weekly sessions of 4 hours each.  



People must have at least a university degree in areas related to quality, processes, industrial, manufacturing or services. It is important to clarify that any position can implement lean tools, from those in a medical device manufacturing plant to a service company in both the private and public sectors, the detail is knowing how to choose from all the tools which ones are the best. that best suit your needs. 


1) Download the registration form from the following link:
2) Fill it with your data 
3) Make the corresponding deposit 
4) Send us the receipt and proof of payment to 

We hope that this whole journey is the beginning of a great transformation in your company. 


To be agreed with the client, the company must have a room with a projector; it is recommended to coordinate a snack at each session.