Six Sigma Green Belts are employees who spend part of their time on process improvement teams. They analyze and solve quality problems and are related to Six Sigma, Lean or other quality improvement projects. Six Sigma Green Belt certification requires three years of work experience in one or more areas of the Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge. Work experience must be in full-time positions.


Train and Certify participants in the basic tools and disciplines for the implementation of continuous improvement projects in the company.


This course is designed for people from various functions/operations of the organization, such as quality, logistics, finance, production, engineering, among others. Participants are typically process owners or leaders and are well versed in the technical aspects of their work and have worked on project teams.


A. Six Sigma and the goals of the organization.
B. Lean principles in the organization.
C. Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) in the organization.

A. Project Identification.
B. Voice-of-the-Customer.
C. Basic Project Management Tools.
D. Administration and planning tools.
E. Business results for projects.
F. Team dynamics and performance.

A. Process analysis and documentation.
B. Probability and statistics.
C. Probability distributions.
D. Collect and summarize data.
E. Analysis of the measurement system.
F. Process capacity and performance.

A. Exploratory data analysis.
B. Hypothesis testing.

A. Design of Experiments (DOE).
B. Root Cause Analysis.
C. Lean.

A. Statistical Process Control (SPC).
B. Control Plans.
C. Lean Tools for Process Control.

  • Asynchronous Virtual Course
  • Synchronous Virtual Course
  • Inhouse Course
  • You must be currently working, in order to be certified you must work during the course on an improvement project which progress must be presented during the course, the project is worked on during the course in the company where you work.
  • 3 years of experience in the body of knowledge if you are going to be certified with the ASQ international exam, having worked in quality, production, and continuous improvement departments. The exam price is separate and must be paid online on the ASQ website.

Can this course be taught in person?

Yes, we can teach this course at your company facilities in person, you can contact us at: consultas@pxsglobal.com

How many sessions can I miss?

Maximum 3 classes.

What programs should I have installed?

  • MS Teams for virtual classes
  • PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat or PDF Expert)
  • Excel
  • StatSolver (license is given to you with the training registration)
  • Only people who have passed the course will be given a certificate; otherwise, a letter will be given stating their participation.
  • To become certified with the ASQ, the international exam has an additional cost, which you pay directly with the ASQ online.
  • Materials and exam are in Spanish, and there will be online quizzes to evaluate the knowledge that is acquired in the course.
“Excellent course! Without practical experience in this field, I was worried about whether or not I would be able to master some of the content, particularly statistics. I recommend the Green Belt course for any person not only for the manufacturing area but also for the services part in order to improve their skills and promotion opportunities in companies with a focus on continuous improvement, such is the case of the impact of this course that I attribute a significant percentage to the position that I recently acquired in the leadership area of Amazon for Brazil”
Dierichs Castillo Membreño
Spectacular! This is how a course of the magnitude of a Green Belt certification taught by PXS is summarized, since class after class they teach you to explore your analytical, critical and innovative side in order to define, measure, analyze, improve and control some opportunity for improvement that can generate impact within your organization. As another graduate of PXS, I recommend 100% for each and every one of the certifications based on continuous improvement and, in passing, I congratulate the great director of PXS, Mr. Edwin Garro, for the incredible contribution he is making to the industrial development (goods and services) of Costa Rica. .
Olman Cortés Alfaro
My experience in the Green Belt course at PXS was very good, I had the opportunity to learn more about this methodology, and bring it to reality with a project applied in my company that has given very positive results. It is much better when you become aware that all companies need Lean to manage their processes because it opens up the possibility of being more efficient, finding waste, or the solution to many problems that can cause a great impact in terms of time, money. and resources.
Daniela Soto Duarte


The success or failure of an organization is due to the effectiveness of the leader; This is more the rule than the exception. The leader is the one who sets the lifestyle for the organization. This occurs both in a direct positive action and in a


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