Consulting in Excellence

The PXSiano style of consulting has been characterized by accompanying our clients in the successful implementation of principles, systems and tools to achieve a transformation of their culture to one of recognized excellence.


To do this, it is necessary to understand the current culture, compare it with globally recognized standards of excellence such as the Shingo© Model, determine the gaps or opportunities and then define the route of action to close these gaps.

Our team accompanies you throughout this path of excellence or in any of the specific components where your organization requires support to improve its results.


Deployment of Organizational Excellence

PXS, as an affiliate of the Shingo Institute, accompanies you in the deployment of the entire culture of excellence in your organization.

To achieve a sustainable transformation of a culture, it is necessary to put in place a series of principles, systems and tools that allow modeling the behaviors that lead the organization to achieve ideal results.

“The only thing of real importance that leaders do is create and manage culture. If you don’t manage the culture, it manages you and you may not even realize the extent to which this is happening.”
Edgar Schein


“Principles always have natural consequences associated with them. There are positive consequences when we live in harmony with principles. There are negative consequences when we ignore them.”
Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of the best-selling book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

At PXS we help you ensure that the 10 principles of excellence are lived in your organization.


All work in an organization is the result of a system. Systems must be designed to produce a specific end goal, otherwise they will evolve on their own. Systems create the conditions that cause people to behave in certain ways. One of the results of poorly designed systems is enormous variation in behavior or even constant bad behavior. Variation in behavior leads to variation in outcomes. Organizational excellence requires ideal behavior that translates into consistent and ideal results.

What are the systems that help us improve the way we work today?


A tool is a point solution or a specific means to an end. Dr. Shingo described the concept of a tool as a technique for solving a specific problem, necessary but not sufficient on its own to solve broader problems. Tools must be selected to allow a system to perform its intended purpose. They should be removed or changed when the tool is no longer needed or the best solution.

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