Lean enterprise practices a system of methods that emphasize the identification and elimination of non-value-added activities - waste - from the organization's operations and support services. Lean organizations are efficient, flexible, and highly responsive to customer needs.

The program is divided into two courses, basic and advanced. Both qualify as part of the requirements for the SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) Lean Bronze Level certification.

This course focuses on the concepts of value and waste. The central axis is the search and elimination of "mudas" (waste) and the creation of visual management elements in the operation, these are the topics we will see:

  1. Introduction to Lean Thinking.
  2. Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  3. Kaizen (Project A3).
  4. 5 Ss.
  5. SMED.
  6. Poka Joke.
  7. Visual Management.
  8. Project presentation.


This course is aimed at people in charge of quality departments, continuous improvement managers, process engineers and analysts, quality managers, Value Stream Map managers, Lean Manufacturing managers and managers, line managers, line leaders, manufacturing engineers, plant operators.


At the end of the course, participants will have the basic knowledge to improve processes and flows of manufacturing companies and eliminate waste in their workstation by applying Lean concepts.


The success or failure of an organization is due to the effectiveness of the leader; this is the rule rather than the exception. The leader is the one who imprints the lifestyle on the organization. This is as much in direct positive action as it is in direct positive action.


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