The Lean Operations Design Workshop shows how to evolve Lean transformation from an isolated improvement approach to transforming plant production systems by implementing a Lean production control system.

The course will develop step by step the stages to implement continuous flow, level production and pull.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to develop a Lean production control system.

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  • Takt analysis review.
  • Continuous flow.
    • Suitable products.
    • Identification of work elements.
    • Automation Levels.
    • Distribution of Physical Space.
    • Calculation of Operators.
    • Cell Design.
  • Collection of the information necessary for the analysis.
  • Paper Kaizen.
  • Implementation Gemba walks.
  • Gemba Walks to Review Implementation Progress.
  • Construction of Supermarkets.
    1- ABC of products.
    2- Supermarket size calculation.
    3- Supermarket Organization.
  • Collection of information for construction of supermarkets.
  • Paper Kaizen.
  • Implementation Gemba Walks.
  • Pull Implementation Progress Review Gemba Walks.
  • Pacemaker.
    • Where to program the value chain?
    • How to level production?
    • How to level the pacemaker?
    • How to transfer the demand to the step-by-step process?
  • Collection of information for definition of pacemaker
    Paper Kaizen.
    Pacemaker Implementation Gemba Walk.
  • Pacemaker implementation progress review gemba walks.
  • Heijunka.
    • Pitch.
    • Construction of the Heijunka.
  • Collection of information for definition of hejunka.
  • Paper Kaizen.
  • Heijunka Implementation Gemba Walk.
  • Heijunka Implementation Progress Review Gemba Walks.
  • Batch processes.
    • Production Control in processes upstream of the Pacemaker.
    • Production control of processes in batches upstream of the pacemaker.
  • Collection of information to define upstream processes
  • Paper Kaizen
  • Upstream Process Implementation Gemba Walk

This course grants 8.00 recertifiable units (RU's) applicable for recertifications in CQE and CMQ/OE of the ASQ