Six Sigma is a management strategy that uses statistical tools and project work to achieve breakthrough profitability and large quality gains. Furthermore, it is a highly disciplined process that focuses on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services consistently. Therefore, it becomes a business improvement proposal that seeks to find and eliminate causes of errors and defects in processes, by focusing on outputs that are of crucial importance to customers.

A certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt professional is the expert who prepares and trains others while demonstrating mastery of his or her art. They are people who have studied and demonstrated skills in the implementation of six sigma principles, practices, and techniques for maximum cost reduction and profit improvement.


Explain the principles and philosophy of Six Sigma, including the support systems and tools necessary for the implementation of continuous improvement projects in the company and prepare people interested in taking the CSSBB exam from the American Society for Quality.


This course is designed for people from various functions/operations of the organization, such as quality, logistics, finance, production, engineering and among others. Participants are typically process owners or leaders and are well versed in the technical aspects of their work and have worked on project teams.


A Black Belt must complete 2 full improvement projects if they have no work experience in the Six Sigma body of knowledge or 1 improvement project and have 3 years of work experience in one or more areas of the Six Sigma body of knowledge to take the exam. Work experience must be in full-time, paid positions. Professional practices, internships or course projects do not apply.

Students should be familiar with basic statistical tools: Measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, graphical methods, regression and correlation analysis, hypothesis testing, statistical process control.

Each candidate is required to pass a written exam consisting of multiple-choice questions that measures understanding of the body of knowledge. The exam is 150 questions, 4 hours, offered twice a year (first Saturday in March and October of each year). Registration for the exam is done at the expense of each participant directly with ASQ and has an additional cost ( The exam can be taken in English or Spanish. The class material is in English.

The validity of the certification is for 3 years. After this period, the recertification must be applied. There are two methods:
A- Obtain a minimum of 18 recertifiable units (RU's) during the 3-year certification period (
B- Apply the exam again.


A.Organizational Vision

A.Impact on interested parties
B.Critical Requirements for X
D.Team performance metrics
E.Financial Metrics

A.Team formation
B.Equipment facilitation
C.Team dynamics
D. Time management in teams
E.Tools for team decision making
F.Management and planning tools
G.Performance evaluation and reward

A.Voice of the customer
B.Project Charter
C.Project Monitoring

A.Process characterization
B.Data Collection
C.Measurement systems
D.Basic Statistics
E. Probability
F. Process Capability Analysis

A.Measure and model relationships between variables
B.Hypothesis testing
C.Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
D.Additional methods of analysis

A. Design of Experiments
B.Waste Elimination (MUDA)
C.Cycle time reduction
D.Kaizen and Kaizen blitz
E. Theory of Constraints
G.Risk analysis and mitigation

A.Statistical Process Control
B.Other Control Tools
C.Maintenance of controls
D. Sustaining Improvements

A.DFSS methodologies
B.Design for X (DFX)
C. Robust process design
D.Special design tools

This course grants 8.00 recertifiable units (RU's) applicable for recertifications in CQE and CMQ/OE of the ASQ


Participants will have access to the PXS online platform where they can download templates, upload assignments and take quizzes and obtain their grade immediately in order to improve the learning process.


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