Our mission

Transform performance towards excellence so that people and companies develop their potential.

Since 2005, PXS has strived to help transform the performance of people and companies so they can achieve high levels of excellence. To achieve this, we are called to answer two big questions:

Who do we serve?

Throughout these 18 years of existence, we have found that we serve different professional profiles and industries, both talent development and consulting. We could summarize it as follows:

Talent Development

We provide development solutions at operational levels that require acquiring skills in different tools to achieve results, middle management that requires better managing the systems in charge. Specialists who seek to validate their competencies at an international level and organizational leaders who seek to achieve higher levels of performance through the cultural transformation of their organizations so that they reach high levels of excellence.


Our services have focused on supporting people, processes and business strategy in the government, medical devices, shared services centers and agribusiness sectors.

What delights you?

Human Talent Development

Participants in our talent development programs are delighted by the fact that we not only provide them with more training, but in the initial phase we understand the talent gap that we want to close either by improving their skills (upskilling) or acquiring new ones. competencies (reskilling), then we design the program that fits your needs, we deliver a unique learning experience and finally we validate the fulfillment of the particular expectations, whether these are acquiring a certification in an area of knowledge or achieving a particular result in the organization.


Our consulting clients love that we don't deliver cookie-cutter solutions to every problem. Rather, we understand your needs, determine the size of the gap, and design achievable and realistic solutions to the time, budget and resource restrictions that the company has. Then, we stand at the client's side in executing the solution until the desired results are achieved.


Know our process