This course will allow participants to review, reinforce and refresh the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities to lead and promote programs or initiatives of quality and organizational excellence, with local, regional and global approaches, both in service and industrial environments. Reviewing the Body of Knowledge (BoK) of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), the course makes use of the most current adult learning methods (micro-learning, gamification, case studies, interaction with other professionals and more) to prepare participants to take the exam and become certified as a “Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence” with ASQ.


Review, reinforce and refresh the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities for Quality and/or Organizational Excellence Managers that allow them to add value to their organizations by:
Increase productivity and quality, while reducing associated costs
Improve processes through the application of quality and operational excellence tools and techniques
Increase the satisfaction of internal and external customers with stable, consistent and quality results
Improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of participants so that they can apply for positions within modern industry and business environments, demonstrating their competence in quality management and organizational excellence
Train participants in the components of the ASQ “Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence” Body of Knowledge, so that gaps in their understanding of it are identified, prepare to take the exam and successfully certify.


Quality Managers, Operations Managers, General Managers, Quality Directors and any position that requires leading excellence efforts in the organization.



At the end of the course the participant will be able to:

Lead and promote quality and organizational excellence programs or initiatives, which may have local, regional or global focuses, in a variety of service or industrial environments.
Lead team efforts to establish and monitor customer/supplier relationships.
Provide support to strategic planning and deployment initiatives.
Develop measurement systems to determine organizational improvement.
Assess, motivate and evaluate your work teams, both individually and as a group.
Manage projects.
Analyze financial situations, determine and evaluate risks and make use of knowledge management tools and techniques to address organizational challenges.
Successfully certify as a “Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence” with ASQ.



  • Certificate is delivered. Includes assignments, activities, and deliverables.
  • Total Sessions: 15 synchronous discussion sessions of 3 hours each.
  • Total: 45 hours.
  • Total Duration: 3.5 months.
  • Virtual Mode: Synchronous.
  • Requirement: Intermediate knowledge of the English language
  • Participant profile: Professionals with work experience of at least two years
  • Synchronous Session Link: The Course Owner will send the link through Microsoft Teams.