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For any organization to be successful in the long term, it must engage in a relentless quest to improve. Improvement is hard work, but the alternative is entropy. There is no middle ground. More than the application of a new tool or the charismatic personality of a leader, organizational improvement requires great executives, smart and energetic managers, and skilled team members.


Sustainable results require a culture in which every person participates every day in making improvements. Sustainable results also depend on the degree to which an organization's culture is aligned with specific guiding principles. The Shingo Model provides a powerful framework designed to guide the transformation of an organization's culture toward achieving ideal outcomes.

Shingo Alumni

First generation

The first generation of Shingo Alumni at PXS has marked a significant milestone in the company's history, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the principles of operational excellence and transformational leadership. The group managed to complete the training process of the 6 workshops that comprise the Shingo™ Excellence Model.

Through their dedication and application, they have raised the standards of quality, productivity and morale of their organizations, managing their cultures to world-class levels.

PXS will continue to carry the banner of operational excellence to every organization in this country and beyond.

Shingo Rising Star
We are happy and proud to congratulate our CEO Javier González, for obtaining the Shingo Rising Star distinction awarded by the Shingo Institute of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. We are honored to have such high-quality professionals and it inspires us to continue for more. Thank you Javier for being excellence!
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