The course prepares the participant to be able to carry out automation projects of the work performed in Excel, avoiding time spent on repetitive tasks and increasing productivity. The course teaches the VBA language, which is the programming language used by Microsoft to facilitate these tasks.



To give the participant the knowledge required to program Excel and automate repetitive tasks or develop new functions of specific customized use so that he/she can create customized dialog boxes or open those that are built into Excel. The course is aimed at users who wish to make use of one of the most sophisticated tools that the program has.

  • Programming concepts and algorithms.
  • Excel and VBA.
  • Programming interface.
  • Macro recorder.
  • Objects, methods and properties.
  • The object examiner.
  • Get quick information.
  • Definition of variables.
  • Types of procedures.
  • Practice exercises.
  • InputBox and Msgbox.
  • InputBox and Msgbox practice.
  • If...Then...Else structure.
  • Select Case structure.
  • For Next.
  • Do Until and Do While structure.
  • Loop practice exercises.
  • Practice nested loops.
  • Ways to refer to a range.
  • Immediate" window.
  • Review of learned language.
  • Review of decision structures.
  • Review of repetition structures.
  • Practice structure with and end with.
  • Variable object.
  • Boolean variable.
  • Cell references practice.
  • For each structure.
  • VBA reference documents.
  • Review of the language learned.
  • FillDown method
  • .AutoFill Method
  • Formulas and RC references with arguments.
  • Ordering in VBA.
  • Autofilters in VBA.
  • Error handling instructions.
  • Practice with function procedures.
  • InstructionInStr.
  • Use of TypeName.
  • Pass arguments from one sub to another byVal and byRef.
  • Practice with Vectors and Matrices.
  • Instruction IIF.
  • Life and scope of the variables.

Knowledge of Windows and Excel.


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